Margaret River Trip

Trips to Northern Western Australia | Monkey Mia | Ningaloo Reef |  NEW Exceptional add ons

December 1st for 14 nights £1900 per person

Flights with Emirates Hotels as stated and car hire

(Extra 2 nights at the 5* Radisson Diera Creek Dubai £70 per person)

Day 1

Flight to Perth with Emirates, Why not stop over in Dubai for a couple of nights and avail yourselves of all the fun of Dubai? Snow dome skiing in that heat  Well why not??

Day 2 – 5

Arrive in Perth for a 4 night stay in the Mercure After a refreshing night’s sleep it is time to get out and about. Essential trips include Swan River dinner cruise. Pinnacles Desert Tour a swim with wild dolphins Treat yourself to a ferry to Rottnest Island to visit the mini kangaroo known as the Quokka,  they are cuteness personified.

Hotel the Mercure

Day 6

Pick up a car ( preferably an open topped one)

Call in at Freemantle or Freeo as the locals call it to visit the Old Customs House and try to imagine what those first settlers must have felt with the blazing heat, arid desert and strange creatures Some bounced , some looked like a cross between duck and an otter and some either bit or stung you  There were many deaths in the first few settlers a sobering thought for those who rather view Australia as Surrey with the heat turned up

Drive slowly down the Busselton Highway which threads its way along the coast  Stop in Bunbury for lunch over looking the most perfect blue sea  Perhaps a time to dabble your toes in the warmest sea that you have ever felt

Meander further to stop in Busselton for a leisurely supper and fall asleep listening to the sound of the sea gently lapping on the sound.

Hotel Abbey Beach Resort

Day 7 – 10

Spend the next 4 nights in the food and wine centre of Western Australia  Margaret River. Perth and it’s southern towns are the most remote cities on the planet  All the food is grown locally as flying it in is prohibitally expensive therefore it has a rich and diverse wine and food culture  The wineries are beyond compare and as they tend to make relatively “small” amounts compared to say the Barossa Valley we tend to see little The restaurants are world class Most of the chefs and sommeliers are locally trained and there are regular gourmet events in 5* hotels like The Basildene Manor There is much else to do  world class caves, kite surfing and plenty of nautical pleasures

2 nights The Noble Grape inn

1 night Basildene Manor

 Day 11 – 12

Drive down the coast passing Cape Leewin. This is where the warm Pacific Ocean meets the cooler Great Australian Bite. This can be a stormy wild place where many old ships came to grief on the rocks. There is now a lighthouse there it is definitely worth a detour  for the dramatic coastline. On then the Albany for our last 3 days.

This city is now know for it’s beauty and its preservation of its heritage. In the early 20th century it was an important place for its supposed health giving air. If you were diagnosed with any chest problems then a dose of health giving properties was the order of the day.

Day 13 – 14

Surprisingly it was for a time the first port of call for ships transferring prisoners from England so the Old Court House is a prominent tourist attraction  although from my eyes it looks a pretty nice place for a penal colony.

Time now to wend our way back to Perth for our flight home taking the Albany Highway inland.

Hotel Beach house Bayside


2 Free Bottles of Western Australia Wine Free Guide Book to Western Australia


£995 per person for 4 nights

On December 7th 2017

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The Andaman Sea, a Paradise undiscovered

Experience Local Culture & Local Quisine

What To Expect

This is a very special holiday I cannot put it more plainly than that.

I can ” dress it up” but it just stands on its own as simply the holiday that will remain with you for ever. We have all had a holiday that simply sticks in our mind. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive or the furthest flung just a time in your life for want of a better expression “the stars aligned” and this is one of these.

To start with you will be immersed in the local cultures from day one. This is the REAL cultures NOT the tourist type ones.

What You Get

You will fly with Vietnamese Airlines ( brandnew plane that is the inimitable Dreamliner) Vietnam have a world beating Premium Economy Class. You will be met at Rangoon airport and taken to your 6 night cruise on a new yacht. You can go for 3 to 6 nights.

These yachts range from a sleek speedy catamaran to a beautiful traditional craft made in a time honoured way. The choice is yours. You can go as a party or you can join another group of like minded souls who want to swim in the Andaman Sea and explore the Andaman and Nicobar Island