Not before time a culture day today Celtic friends know their stuff about such things so today was their turn to educate their Sassenach buddies and boy do they ever know their stuff Went to Fine Arts Museum and very fine it was. It is the 4th largest Fine Art Museum in the US so decided to concentrate on American Art it was a total revelation I am now a great deal less ignorant on Jackson Pollock et al . There is in my mind a question of those truly hideous heavy gilt frames around some beautiful delicate drawings and paintings They look like delicate tiny children dressed in adult clothes horribly inappropriate
However our next port of call was the Isabel Stewart Garner Museum She was a 19th century lady whose husband when he died left her extremely wealthy They seemed to have spent their lives trotting around the world buying stuff a bit like an upscale department store a beautiful stained glass window from Chartres Cathedral here a Roman sarcophagus there along with a Titian masterpiece When her husband died she purchased a piece of land and built this astonishing museum It defies description if I am honest This place alone is worth a visit to Boston.