February 2015

Adventure in New York – Day 2

Best way to get a flavour of this city is on a tour bus There are 2 loops north and south The south tour includes Ground Zero I was in [...]

Adventure in New York – Day 3

Boy another HOT day today so experiencing an open top bus tour was just best thing so onwards round the north loop North Loop Bus tour Central Park gawping and [...]

Adventure in New York – Day 4

Decided to do a typical tourist Can't go to New York without a trip to Macy's Actually you can but you know when in Rome etc. It is Macy's 100th [...]

Adventure in New York – Day 5

Time to say good bye the The Big Apple and wend our way up Connecticut to a little town called Milford I just love cruising on an interstate in this [...]

Hello Milford – Day 6

Milford it turns out had the whole New England picture post card clapper board thing going on I found it a little disconcerting ..I wonder why .... It has direct [...]

Adventure in New York – Day 1

Rob and I are off to The Big Apple on La Compagnie flight from “boutique” Luton. This is a business class only “boutique” airline. This airline has been operating out [...]

January 2015

Welcome to Plane Travel Blog

Hello and welcome my travelling Friends! I will be regularly updating ​this blog with travel reviews, news, special offers and my general ramblings! I hope you will look forward to [...]

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