Decide to hire a car and go exploring As in any big city getting out is a game of snakes and ladders We seemed to have gone through the same underpass several times I was beginning to feel like Hades destined to roam the underworld forever however eventually we appeared into the gorgeous autumn sunshine and drove slowly down the coastal highway admiring the manicured little towns Eventually we arrived in Plymouth for the whole Pilgrim Fathers “thing” There is a boulder on the shore which is cordoned off It is supposed to be the place where the first step was taken onto the new continent Not sure about the accuracy but it was around there somewhere Took at a look of replica of the Mayflower my my it is small I feel seasick just looking at it The others wandered on board but as I am a terra firm sort of “girl” I sat on a bench trying to imagine how it must have seemed to those early 17th century settlers On a day like today it must have seen like paradise.
Dragging ourselves back into the 21st century we wandered back for lunch overlooking the sea Off next to the outlet mall at Wrentham Those of you who are keen followers of my blogging know my feelings on these places !! Introduced my Hibernian chum to the wonders and joy of the outlet mall. Dinner time so asked locals were they eat as was directed to a little Italian restaurant where the first language was Italian. True authentic grub.